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Product introduction:
Name: LED makeup audio night light
Size: 165*175*53mm
Material: ABS
Power input: DC5V~1A
Battery: built-in polymer 1000 mAh battery
Color: blue, pink
-*USB input, built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, you can carry it with you, charge 3-4 hours, work 6-8 hours
-*Support Bluetooth, turn on the phone - Set - Turn on Bluetooth - Find Bluetooth device - YG02 - Click YG02 to match Wangcheng Bluetooth
-*Electronic audio equipment supporting AUX access, compatible with computer, mobile phone MP3
-*Support TF card, mobile phone has no power, insert TF card, don't worry, you can play music with TF card
-*LED surface light source, the light is evenly distributed, soft light is not glare, protect your eyes
How to use:
*Press and hold the top middle button of the LED light to hear the beep on/off.
*Minus button click: song a song; Long press the volume decreased
*Plus button click: the next song song; Long press the volume increased
Package includes:
a night light
a USB cable
An audio cable
Model Number:yj-374637
Item Type:Night Lights
Power Generation:Switch
Power Source:DC
Light Source:LED Bulbs
Is Batteries Included:Yes
Is Batteries Required:No
Body Material:ABS
Is Bulbs Included:No
Battery Type:Lithium Ion
Function 1:Bluetooth
Function 2:TFcard
Function 3:AUX IN playback
Function 4:sound

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